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Stand Against Racism

Events expected in 40+ states!

As part of a national initiative, the YWCA of Black Hawk County calls on all individuals to join with us in taking a Stand Against Racism.

YWCA Takes a Stand Against Racism

Every year in April, the YWCA conveys our Stand Against Racism message: We are on a mission to eliminate racism.

Week-long events are anticipated in nearly every state across the country including public policy advocacy, community education, and public proclamations. Here in the Cedar Valley, we have requested businesses, organizations and individuals to sign on to a pledge against racism in our community, sold signs about eliminating racism, and other events and projects that demonstrate our stance.

Individuals and organizations wishing to participate can contact Joyce at (319) 234-7589, before April 1st to receive information about the current “Stand Against Racism” initiative. Also, contact the aforementioned address and telephone number for any questions and or concerns.

Participate By Contacting Us